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We invite artists to challenge themselves! 30 works of Art in 30 days

Deadlines have been set for our 14th Annual Show. So, Sign Up Now!

The 2014 30 Day Art Challenge Begins Oct.16-Nov. 20



Rules and guidelines for the 30 Day Art Challenge:

  • You will each be provided with 30 identical canvases (8” x 10” canvas board).
  • You will have 30 days to produce 30 pieces of new artwork.
  • Late entries will not be accepted (sorry no exceptions).
  • 8” x 10” canvases can be either vertical or horizontal (the placement of your individual barcodes will indicate the orientation).
  • Clearly mark which way is “UP” on each canvas (your placement of your barcodes will indicate it).
  • Artwork cannot extend beyond the edge of the canvas (8″ one direction by 10″ the other direction).
  • Canvases cannot be mounted together.
  • 3 dimensional artwork (sticking out from the face of the canvas) is subject to weight and space limitations.
  • Please allow adequate time for paint to dry before the drop-off day arrives.


Pick Up: Thursday Oct. 16th from noon-8pm

Drop Off completed work: Thursday Nov. 20th from noon-8pm


Exhibition Date: December 4th 5-10pm

Seattle’s Pioneer Square Art Walk

1st Thursday December 2013

T.K. Artist Lofts 115 Prefontaine Place South




Be Sure to read every thing. NO REFUNDS!

Sign up online right from this email. The entry fee is still only $75, and can be paid via Paypal

After you’ve paid at Paypal, you’ll be emailed confirmation and all the info you need to participate in the 30 Day Art Challenge by clicking the link Here: